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As a sculptor creating digital and physical forms, I strive to take the viewer on a journey of truth-discovery by asking them to engage with various perspectives. Using custom-built technology, I create paths by connecting points in space. The curved and polyline paths that I compose are not arbitrary, rather, they are patterns derived from nature’s archetypes.


The human attraction to symmetry extends deep into the unconscious realms of our minds.

Natural patterns and symmetries also play a key role in present-day technology. For 40 years, I have used technology both in my artistic explorations with my mentor, Koos, and in my business to analyze patterns. I now use technology solely to discover the beauty that hides in the minuscule yet vast world of atomic lattices.


One way that I explore perspectives is by constructing objects at vastly different scales and in multiple dimensions. The viewer’s relationship with my work changes whether they walk around a sculpture in a home, as part of an outdoor installation, or in a virtual landscape. My sculptures reveal dynamic symmetries that ask the viewer to reflect on the beauty and multiplicity of perspectives inherent in all things.

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