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1954 - MC Escher met Koos at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Amsterdam.

Koos worked at the mathematics center in Amsterdam allowing him to accumulate articles he deemed of interest for MC Escher. MC Escher collected the articles from Koos regularly when visiting the library at the mathematics center.

1956 - MC Escher asked Koos for help with his work on the work titled "Print Gallery"

1963 - MC Escher gifted Koos one of his prints as a thank you for Koos' help.

MC Escher works that reflect the mathematical themes shown in the MoMath exhibit (list compiled by Doris Schattschneider). Works are referenced by catalog numbers in M.C. Escher: His Life and Complete Work, Bool et al, 1981.

  1. Cubic Lattice:  Cubic Space Division (B. 386), Depth (B. 403)

  2. Polylines: 4 Graphic Artists (B. 381), [Blocks of Basalt along the Sea] (B. 33 and B. 84),  [Portrait of Man] (B. 51)   

  3. Curves: [Tree] (B. 34), Rind, Study for Rind (B. 396, 401), Bond of Union (B. 409), Fish vignette (B. 406), Print Gallery (B. 410), Path of Life II (B. 425), Path of Life III ( B. 445), Snakes (B. 448)

  4. Knots:  Knots (B. 444), studies for Knots, photo of knot model

  5. Spirals:  Sphere Spirals (B. 328), Sphere Surface with Fish (B. 327), Spirals (B. 390), Whirlpools  (B. 423), [Mouse] (B. 393)  (possibly B. 396, 401, 409)         

  6. Optical illusions:  Waterfall (B. 439), Belvedere (B. 426), Ascending and Descending (B. 435), Convex and Concave (B. 399), Cube with Ribbons (B. 415)

  7. Fractals:  Square Limit (B. 443), Plate VI of Regelmatige Vlakverdeling (B. 421)

  8. Stars:  Study for Stars (b. 358), Stars (B. 359), Crystal (B. 353), Gravity (B. 380)

  9. Möbius:  Möbius Band I (B. 437), Möbius Band II (red ants) (B. 441)  

All M.C. Escher Works © The M.C. Escher Company – Baarn – Holland. All rights reserved. 

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