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Sculpting Futures Proposal

by Anton Bakker

Presented by Leila Heller



My sculptures are inspired by the beauty of symmetry and the significance of perspective, rooted in nature's crystal lattices and ancient geometric designs. By transforming these patterns into three-dimensional forms, I create dynamic sculptures that reveal new aspects from every angle. This exploration of symmetry and perspective invites viewers to engage deeply with the intricate structures that underpin both art and nature. Crafted from mirror polished stainless steel, my works ensure lasting beauty and low maintenance, with the potential to scale from 2 to 10 meters tall or even larger depending on funding success. Fractals are ideal for representing growth, perfectly aligning with children's education and the growth of funding for the sculpture. The fractal shape, with fewer large branches and more smaller branches, can support a funding competition, determining who gets their name on the larger branches. Additionally, a digital web component is an idea for consideration, where the fractal would update daily with donor names, creating a dynamic bidding environment for branch positions and engaging the community in real-time. These sculptures will serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration, symbolizing the collective effort towards a brighter future.

Proposal 1: Fractal tree

"Fractal Tree" is a representation of growth and learning, with eight generations of branching starting from a single base. Each branch splits into smaller ones, symbolizing the spread of knowledge. There are eight donor levels based on the eight generations of the fractal, with eight different branch sizes. Donor names will be engraved on the branches, with larger branches reflecting higher contributions. This sculpture embodies the idea that every contribution, no matter the size, helps nurture the tree of education, fostering continuous growth.

Proposal 2: Diamond fractal

"Diamond Fractal" is an octahedral fractal sculpture with three generations of branching. The structure's geometric beauty, comprised of triangles, squares, and rhombuses, draws inspiration from the Middle Eastern tradition of geometric art. There are three donor levels based on the three generations of the fractal, with three different branch sizes. Each donor's name will be intricately integrated into the branches, symbolizing the collective effort towards shaping a brighter future through education, with the diamond representing children as precious gems.

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